2023 Toyota Avensis Returns in Japan

According to Japanese magazines, the 2023 Toyota Avensis will be back soon. The sedan will be released in Japan to test the market. The company wants to see if the old nameplate can achieve better sales than the models currently available in the homeland. The Avalon won’t be launched elsewhere. Well, at least our sources never heard of it. Since the reports are coming from not-so-reliable sources, it is questionable if the car is returning in Japan as well. But, let’s check that possibility.

The nameplate was used for three generations of vehicles. Avensis had a 21-year run before the company discontinued and replaced it. The new Camry is built on the new TNGA-K architecture, lighter and more suitable for hybrid systems. However, the Camry is slightly larger than its predecessor. So, the 2023 Toyota Avensis can still fit between this car and Corolla. Drivers nowadays seek the perfect balance of size, fuel economy, performance and price. Since there is room between the two segments, someone must be looking for a larger vehicle than Corolla, but less expensive than Camry.

2023 toyota avensis return

Why Would Toyota Bring Back Avensis?

One of the reasons why the nameplate was discontinued is an old styling. The third, outgoing generation was from 2009. Instead of investing into the redesign, bosses thought the new nameplate would mark the new beginning. The TNGA-K architecture is Toyota’s flagship platform and of course, the Camry takes all the benefits it offers. Even if the Avensis was moved to this concept, it would be a great push.

Still, the big question is if it can draw the attention of buyers. Nowadays, they are looking for crossovers and SUVs, because of their practicality. But, these vehicles can’t match the driving experience of sedans, and there are plenty of fans who sacrifice versatility for performance. So, the 2023 Toyota Avensis will definitely achieve some success in the market. But, the entire sedan segment is losing the battle. Ford is discontinuing all their models in the US. So, this Toyota’s move would be quite a surprise.

2023 Toyota Avensis Redesign

The 2023 Toyota Avensis needs a radical turnaround. The styling of the car will take the most changes. Not only that the exterior is suffering, but also the interior. But, we want to see that. Only the full redesign can make Avensis competitive. It brings a new life, a new drive experience, new architecture, improved gas mileage, extra space inside the cabin… But, it will still be a sedan, and some crossover can make most of these things better.

Nevertheless, there are no serious sources to confirm the comeback and the redesign of the 2023 Toyota Avensis. From this point of a view, we can only expect a totally new car, which will use a modern design language. So, just take a look at Camry, Corolla, and the new Crown, and all the similarities will be there for the Avensis as well.

2023 toyota avensis comeback

2023 Toyota Avensis Specs, Hybrid

The car used three petrol engines in its last run. You could choose between 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 displacements. There were also oil burners available – 1.6, 2.0 and 2.2 versions. But, some of those are not available at all. Also, it is a surprise why the sedan was not offering a hybrid system. Toyota is a leader here. Many of their vehicles are electrified, including some large SUVs. The 2023 Toyota Avensis hybrid would increase the chances of the sedan mostly thanks to improved fuel economy.

Since we expect the car to settle in the class between Corolla and Camry, a configuration from one of the siblings can be borrowed. Still, the Camry is using a 2.5-liter engine. This one is larger than any used powertrains in the past. But, Avensis can handle 208 hp. On the other hand, Corolla can offer better solutions with a 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter petrol engine as centerpieces of the hybrid configuration. One of those is more likely to be under the bonnet of the 2023 Toyota Avensis hybrid.

2023 toyota avensis

Release Date

We can’t find any info about the 2023 Toyota Avensis comeback in the US. This lineup expansion idea seems legit, but still a bit risky, having in mind that the company can use all those resources to build more crossovers and SUVs. We don’t know when and where to expect the Avensis again. It is still a discontinued car and the company didn’t announce an official return plan. So, all the rumors are without some serious foundation. Nevertheless, such small pieces of information can mean something. It wouldn’t be the first time Toyota surprise us with the comeback of an old nameplate.

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