2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD Review

The 2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD is just one of the six different versions the compact luxury crossover is offering. For now. There will be an all-electric model as well in the foreseeable future. But, let’s get back to the 350 AWD. A turbo-four engine is under the hood. As the name suggests, it uses an all-wheel drive. You can also upgrade it with the F Sport package, which makes the vehicle look cooler. And the 350 number stays in the nameplate for the hybrid unit. Another hybrid is also in the NX squad – the PHEV with 300+ horsepower and exceptional gas mileage.

The Lexus NX 350 AWD is available in four grades. Definitely, the F Sport is the best without a compromise. It looks meaner than other vehicles. Pros of the NX crossover are the roomy cabin (for this class), a lot of standard options, and exceptional gas mileage. On the other hand, the cargo space is not too generous, even for a small SUV. The NX 350 fixes one of the major downsides of the lineup – an unimpressive base engine.

2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD f sport

2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD is a 2.4-liter turbo-four unit. It replaces a 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated four-pot engine with 203 horsepower. The NX350 adds extra power – 275 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. That will make the crossover ride smoother and accelerate faster. An eight-speed transmission is paired with the engine and sends power to all wheels. The gas mileage is 22/29 mpg. If you need more, the NX can do it better.

The Lexus NX 350 AWD hybrid uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and mates it with electric batteries. This time, a CVT is a power router. But, AWD is standard. The power output is better than the base one, but the real upgrade comes in the fuel economy sector. The NX350h returns 41/37 mpg! You can’t find a hybrid crossover with better gas mileage.

Other Engines

So, besides the units for the 2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD, the luxury crossover is also available with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder mill and a plug-in hybrid system. The first one is a powerplant for the entry-level NX 250. The crossover delivers 203 hp. The performance is modest for such a vehicle. That is why most buyers opt for the NX 350. A better fuel economy can’t fix the issue. The NX 250 returns 27/33 mpg. It is also available with front- and all-wheel drive setups.

But, if you need extra power, then the NX 450h+ is a PHEV configuration with 304 hp, 2 ponies more than the Toyota Rav4 Prime. A 2.5-liter petrol engine is the center of the system and sends power to all wheels. The crossover can go by using only electric power and the range is 38 miles. Even the gas mileage is impressive with 36 mpg.

2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD

2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD Trim Levels

You can combine the 2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD with a standard and hybrid engine. Either way, there are a few grades for these setups. The base offer includes 18-inch alloy wheels, LED lamps, heated seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Highlights of the infotainment system are a 10-inch touchscreen and 10-speaker audio. For the safety system, Lexus NX uses automatic high beams, blind-spot warning, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure alert.

The Premium package adds sunroof, power liftgate with a hands-free opening system, ventilated seats with memory settings for driver, and parking sensors. The NX Luxury comes with those options, plus larger wheels, adaptive headlights, premium leather, HUD, larger screens, and advanced voice controls. There are also a few upgrades for the higher-end packages, such as wireless chargers, premium audio by Mark Levinson, 360-degree camera, or panoramic roof.

2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD F Sport

The best upgrade for the small SUV is the F Sport package. The NX looks sportier thanks to 20-inch black wheels and unique black accents. Inside, the Lexus NX 350 AWD F Sport brings a large 10-inch HUD, sports seats and steering wheel, and special gauges. The engine is not getting extra power, but the ride is smoother thanks to the Handling package and the sport-tuned adaptive suspension.

2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD price


The base crossover costs from $41,000, but with a lame performance. The 2024 Lexus NX 350 AWD is a $4,000 upgrade with a more potent engine. You need to pay another $5,000 for the F Sport package. The hybrid NX 350h costs the same, but there is no F Sport upgrade for this one. But, you can turn it into a plug-in hybrid system. The 300+ rated crossover is the most expensive in the lineup. The pricing starts from $59,000. The F Sport doesn’t bring too many upgrades here, like for the base NX 350 AWD, so the price doesn’t exceed $60k.

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