2024 Toyota Avensis is Redesigned for Efficiency and Comfort

After a short break, Toyota could bring back the Avensis sedan. But, it won’t share too many things with an old version. Dimensions could be similar, but the platform is going to support an electric drivetrain. The 2024 Toyota Avensis EV is not so unlikely, especially after the debut of the bZ3 concept. The bZ4X underpins the first electric crossover and a similar architecture could be used for the car.

The old version served for more than 20 years and the company discontinued Avensis in 2018. Toyota replaced it with another legendary nameplate – the Corolla is back at dealerships. Also, there were a few other new additions, such as the Crown and Camry. Furthermore, the company is spicing things up by letting the Gazoo Racing team upgrade their vehicles. Even the Hilux truck features the GR package. This one will be there if the 2024 Toyota Avensis comes back as the classic sedan, not an EV.

2024 Toyota Avensis

2024 Toyota Avensis is Part of the Massive Electrification Plans

We can’t say that Toyota is a leader in the zero-emission automotive industry, although their hybrids are cleaner and more efficient than vehicles by other companies. Just an example – the Japanese company was the first one to break 40 mpg mark in the compact crossover segment with the Rav4. Also, the Highlander was the only three-row SUV with a hybrid engine for quite a while. What’s more, Toyota also offers a few PHEV configurations.

But, an all-electric segment is still empty. The introduction of the bZ platform turns things up and others will look for further moves by the Japanese carmaker. Speaking of sedans, the bZ3 debuted more than a year ago, but concrete moves were not taken yet. Now, the 2024 Toyota Avensis is being mentioned more often, so we can discuss it as the new EV.

2024 Toyota Avensis interior

The bZ3 Concept

We can’t see sedans joining the current lineup of hatchbacks and sedans. Toyota offers Camry, Corolla, Crown, Mirai, and a couple of GR-packed sports cars – Supra and GR86. Other companies are even cutting down such vehicles and making room in plants for the production of SUVs and trucks.

The bZ3 electric sedan platform is a result of the cooperation of three companies. Of course, Toyota takes the biggest part in the research and development. For now, there are big promises. The bZ3 will be able to support big electric motors that can go 600 kilometers on one charge. Also, bosses said that batteries will keep high capacities for long periods of time, like 90 percent after 10 years.

2024 Toyota Avensis ev

2024 Toyota Avensis EV Dimensions and Equipment

Since the 2024 Toyota Avensis is going to be based on the new electric concept, we can assume it will share dimensions with the model we saw at the premiere. The bZ3 is 186 inches long, 72 in wide and 58 in high. Compared to the last Avensis, these are almost the same sizes.

The last car was built 5 years ago and the technology evolved. Back in the time, Toyota wasn’t using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services. They tried to develop their own systems. But now, all their vehicles feature leading smartphone connectivity features. Also, Toyota made big improvements in its infotainment system. The electric 2024 Toyota Avensis will have more intuitive equipment and probably the next-level safety package.

Release Date

Avensis is not showing up a lot in the most recent rumors. We are not pretty sure if the car is coming back and the EV segment seems like the only way for the comeback. So, the development of the bZ3 concept is the key. This is the second prototype of the bZ lineup and the bZ4X crossover SUV is heading to production. The next one should be the sedan, although Toyota announced the new Tacoma EV truck.

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