2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro or Trailhunter?

The third generation of the huge SUV is here. But, the company is preparing next moves. We believe it will have something to do with the 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. Or, the off-road version might be Trailhunter in the future. The package is already available on the Tundra truck. The SUV is based on this model and follows in its footsteps. So, we already saw the new turbocharged six-pot engine replacing a V8. Now, it could be the high-end off-road grade.

TRD Pro package was initially available for two US trucks, plus the 4Runner SUV. Before the Sequoia was updated, the company added this off-road version to the lineup. At the same time, the new concept showed up. At first, fans thought that Trailhunter is the new pickup. But, it became a part of the Tundra squad, which now features another 4×4, after a few TRD models. The TRD is top of a range setup, ready for extreme conditions. So, replacing it on the Sequoia would be a surprise, especially knowing it is still available on other vehicles and having such a demand.

2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro vs trailhunter

2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Upgrades

The SUV is ready for tough terrains and unfriendly weather. You can go with the 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro through mud, sand, snow, or rocks. It is not as agile as the 4Runner, but extra power makes it better in some way. That wouldn’t be possible if there are no high-end upgrades available only on the TRD Pro grade.

It would be hard to imagine an off-road vehicle without a 4WD system. There are also top-of-the-range Fox shocks and front coilovers. Toyota also adds the electronic locking rear differential. Dual exhaust tips are standard as a package that makes the 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro eye-catching. There are also TRD wheels, a dark grille, skid plates, and a stabilizer bar at the front. Inside, the 4×4 specialist is also very cozy thanks to synthetic leather seats, leather steering wheel and a few other upgrades. A red push start button might draw attention as well.

Under the Hood

A 5.7-liter V8 engine is now history. The Japanese company launched the new Sequoia with a new engine. It is a 3.4-liter turbocharged V6 with 437 hp. So, it is not just replacing, but also upgrading the previous system with extra power. Also, a ten-speed transmission is there for smoother shifting. The SUV boosted the fuel economy as well if it was important for an off-road vehicle. TRD Pro drains the fuel tank even after improvements.

Anyway, the 437 hp and 583 lb-ft rated configuration is a high-end tuning of the 3.4-liter V6 engine and also features hybrid support. Also, it seems to be a perfect fit for the 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. On the other hand, there is a lighter setup available on other big rigs. If the company decides to use the same unit without electric motors, then the output drops to 389 hp. At the same time, that means the price goes down as well. Sequoia is a bit more expensive than other full-size SUVs.

2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro price

Other Versions and Pricing

The 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is going to be the most expensive model in the lineup. Only a non-hybrid I Force engine can make it more affordable. However, it is not going to happen. So, the price of the TRD Pro model stays above $76,000. The only model close to this level is the premium Capstone. You can turn the off-roader to the luxury SUV and save around $2k. Platinum is another premium package with a price tag above $70,000. You can save more than $10,000 when buying the base Sequoia. There are no other TRD packages available for the full-size SUV, for example, Sport or Off-Road.

2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro

2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro vs Trailhunter

Fans are also thinking about the new Toyota Sequoia Trailhunter. The new project by the Japanese company started with a debut on the Tundra truck. Soon, we expect the grade on other vehicles as well. The Sequoia is using the same concept, so it is logical to introduce the Trailhunter on this SUV as well. Anyway, there are no details about the expansion.

We can compare versions on the pickup truck. The new package is the aftermarket upgrade that Toyota recognizes and doesn’t deny a warranty. At the debut on the Tundra, bosses also confirmed the Trailhunter versions for other vehicles using the TRD Pro trim. Highlights of the new model are amber front fog lights, revisited bumpers, and a tent. It makes the truck more suitable for overlanding, but the Sequoia is not featuring a bed, where the tent is mounted. There should be a fridge in the trunk, plus other cool features and upgrades adapted for the SUV.

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