2025 Toyota GR GT3 Racing Concept

The GT3 Group is the selection of sports cars approved by FIA. This Group exists since 2005 and there are also GT1 and GT2 models. Basically, big carmakers are allowing external developers to tune their vehicles for races. The 2025 Toyota GR GT3 is going to be the new member. This is not the first model by the Japanese manufacturer in the series. Back in 2018, Lexus RC F joined the GT3 world. Like in many other occasions, Gazoo Racing tuned Toyota’s vehicle with improved performance and body parts. Lexus will race until 2028. So, the GR GT3 might be around in the next 10 years.

The GR86 is already out with a naturally aspirated engine. 225 horsepower is not enough for GT3 racing. GR will revisit the car and install a more potent turbocharged engine. Even a six-cylinder unit is possible. Nevertheless, Toyota is not unveiling performance details. All we know so far is a debut in 2025 and the race debut is set for 2026, probably in Le Mans.

2025 Toyota GR GT3

2025 Toyota GR GT3 Release Date Confirmed

The company confirmed the GR GT3 debut. The development is yet to start. Experts believe the vehicle is going to appear late in 2024 or early in 2025, but only as a concept. After the first appearance, we will know more about the performance and upgrades Gazoo Racing is about to install. The first race is planned for the 2026 season. That is an unofficial timetable. Changes are possible, but the premiere at the 2025 Le Mans race is not so likely to happen. Toyota wants to achieve the best results and the competition is fierce.

The Vehicle Might be Out With Lexus Badge

Lexus RC F GT3 edition is one of the members of the exclusive group. A 10-year run started in 2018. The company is not so happy with the results, so the 2025 Toyota GR GT3 might succeed it. Or, the carmaker could rebadged the prototype and still race with the Lexus car. Last year we heard rumors that engineers will have a lot of work on the RC F, and the GR GT3 might be a cool sequel to the story.

2025 Toyota GR GT3 debut

2025 Toyota GR GT3 Specs

It is not official, but also not so hard to predict – the 2025 Toyota GR GT3 will use the same engine as the current Lexus RC F GT3. The company goes all-in with a 5.4-liter V8 engine that is capable of creating more than 500 horsepower. Engineers will have a final word on this one and how many ponies the GR GT3 is about to deliver. A 6-speed paddle-shifting transmission sends power to the wheels. The top speed of the LC F is 168 mph and the upcoming Toyota could hit 170 mph.

2025 Toyota GR GT3 spy photo

Body Changes

Not only the powertrain is upgraded compared to the standard GR86 car. You will also get body parts that enhance the performance. Aerodynamic shapes improve stability and the vehicle uses more carbon to reduce the curb weight. The GR GT3 will keep the front grille, but bumpers are revisited to boost the performance. There are also canards that keep the downforce. Openings on the hood will help with engine cooling. Everything about the tail is to boost the downforce. Diffusers, splitters and press lines are going to be added. Of course, the 2025 Toyota GR GT3 comes with unique wheels and performance rubber.

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