New Compact Pickup Truck: 2024 Toyota Stout

Toyota won’t let go of the small truck segment so easily. The Japanese truckmaker is a bit behind Ford, but there is a new model coming to compete with Maverick. The 2024 Toyota Stout is an interesting project. Like said – it introduces the company to the new market. But, the nameplate could sound familiar to some older truckers. The Stout was a pickup built for 45 years. The last units rolled out the production lines in 2000. Bosses think they will have more chance with the Stout than any other name.

Since the 2024 Toyota Stout is not confirmed yet, there is room for speculation. A few things are sure – the company needs a small truck and they have room in that segment. The competition in this class is not big, but the interest is also questionable. Even if there are some plans, Toyota won’t unveil them. It can make other companies develop and produce compact pickups. A few sources and reliable magazines confirmed the existence of an idea. But, we can’t figure out how far the realization has gone.

2024 Toyota Stout

Brief History

It is hard to describe the history of the Stout truck in a few sentences because the vehicle was introduced in 1954 and the production lasted until 2000. Right from the start, this was a pickup. Three generations were pretty successful. In some markets, the vehicle was called Toyota RK or Toyota Stallion. Anyway, after more than 20 years of absence, this is going to be a whole new start for the Stout.

2024 Toyota Stout: What is it?

The nameplate is definitely being mentioned in the company’s circles. Knowing that and the history, we can only guess that the new pickup is coming out. It is hard to believe that the 2024 Toyota Stout is replacing either Tacoma or Tundra. Also, non-US Hilux is one of the most popular trucks in the world. So, most experts believe fans will see a new vehicle in the foreseeable future.

Where Toyota can fit it? Tacoma is the best mid-size pickup, and Tundra is an all-new half-ton truck. So, the 2024 Stout could be a smaller or a larger vehicle. The chances to see a compact truck are way better. The heavy-duty class is generating big profit. But, also requires big investment and facilities. Toyota never had the intention to compete against Ford F-250, Ram 2500 and Chevy Silverado 2500. So, it is more likely to see the Stout as a small pickup, built for deliveries in urban areas.

2024 Toyota Stout concept

Engine, Specs, Competition

The main reason why the speculations about the 2024 Toyota Stout are so interesting is the new class of trucks, born with the Ford Maverick. For a long time, pickups were on the edge of wiping out, with versatile SUVs taking over the market. But, these types of vehicles survived mostly thanks to their work habits. Now, the segment is expanding. Ford launched Maverick, which caused a lot of eyebrows to go up. Then, a long-awaited Hyundai Santa Cruz becomes its first rival. Now, other companies are considering the same move. You can read more often than before that Ram 700 or Chevy El Camino might be back.

As a compact truck, the 2024 Toyota Stout needs an efficient engine. These trucks don’t need a huge towing capacity or off-road capabilities. A 2.0-liter mill the company is using on some other vehicles can do only 145 hp. The pickup needs a bit more energy. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder might be the perfect solution with 200 hp. Maverick delivers 191 horsepower, but it uses a hybrid configuration. Toyota might do the same to the Stout. In this case, you can also expect superb gas mileage, especially in the city. That is something this kind of pickup needs the most.

Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz are the only compact trucks in the US, so far

2024 Toyota Stout Concept and Release Date

Toyota still sticks to the ladder frame for its trucks and most SUVs. But, as a compact pickup, the Stout will be built on the unibody architecture. It is not hard to guess that the concept is going to be shared with the most popular crossover SUV in the US, and many other regions – Rav4. From the previous paragraph, where we mention engines the compact crossover is using, you can infer that the same platform would be a perfect fit for powertrains, especially hybrid.

However, there is another big fact about the new segment. Both rivals, Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, are priced under $25,000. So, Toyota can’t go with some high-end options right from the start. Nevertheless, there will be room for premium packages and advanced technology upgrades. We’ll know more about the 2024 Toyota Stout by the end of the current season. It is not likely to see it in production and at dealerships in the next year or so. When the first official concepts appear, we will know more details about the release date, price, and performance.

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